Protect your skin from Photoaging!

Posted: May 12 2015

Beware! Did you know even while indoors your skin is at risk of harmful UV rays known to cause premature aging?

We think we know it all when it comes to protecting our skin from the sun. Most of us do a pretty good job at applying sunscreen regularly when we known our skin will be exposed. But what you are probably not doing is applying sunscreen while indoors, relying on the logic that because you are inside your skin is not directly exposed to the sun. There’s really no need, right? Wrong! Even indoors your skin is repeatedly exposed to harmful UV rays, known as photoaging, from both the sun and artificial UV sources which cause aging. Whether you are indoors or outdoors you need to be wearing sunscreen if you truly want to protect the skin you’re in!

So what is photoaging? 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “Photoaging is the premature aging of the skin caused by repeated exposure to UV or ultraviolet radiation, primarily from the sun, but also from artificial UV sources.” Photoaging literally means aging of the skin caused by light!

So when you think your skin is safe indoors watching your favorite TV show or reading your favorite book on your iPad, think again! The artificial rays from your flat panel TV screen or your iPad or even the light peeking in through the window, are all ‘photoaging’ your skin!

So what can you do?

Medical aestheticians suggested that one should apply sunscreen religiously and consistently throughout the day no matter where you are, indoors or outdoors! A great and convenient method is to use the dual power of both regular sunscreen and powder sunscreen. The regular sunscreen should be applied every morning as a base. Throughout the day, every two hours to be exact, the powder sunscreen should be applied either under or over your makeup. The skincare brand, Elta MD,makes both a great regular and powder sunscreen.

UV rays are everywhere, so do your skin a favor and take the proper precautions to protect yourself from pre-mature aging caused by photoaging!

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