Posted: Nov 18 2014

Hello and Welcome!

Meet FABB, Fashionable Activewear that’s Breathable and Beautiful, started by four women on a mission to provide women better options for active wear. FABB offers high quality, fashion-forward, and feminine workout wear that combines slimming designs with sports-specific functionality. Designed for active women on the go, the flattering fit conveniently transitions between your workout and daily lifestyle activities.

More than just a clothing brand, FABB celebrates the idea of becoming the best version of yourself and pushing your limits to get there. The infinity symbol in our logo promotes the mindset of limitless potential and constant improvement. FABB clothes are thoughtfully designed to give the confidence needed to look and feel your best while staying active. We hope when women wear our clothes it’s a reminder to strive to be at their best, and to continue to improve.

We love our clothes and we know you’ll love them too!

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