There’s a New Girl in Town, Meet FABB ACTIVEWEAR!

Posted: Dec 27 2014

FABB Activewear is a new women's activewear and lifestyle brand dedicated to providing women confidence and motivation through fashion-forward, high-performance, and flattering workout wear.

FABB stands for Fashionable Activewear that’s Breathable and Beautiful and is made for women and by women. The company is run by women between the ages of mid-20s to mid-50s, who are avid runners, tennis players, pilates and yoga enthusiasts.

So why is FABB stepping on the women's activewear apparel scene? Because while there has been progress made with big brand names, FABB believes there are still issues with lack of quality and fashion in the women's activewear arena. FABB designs and manufactures in Southern California, close to home, where they have complete control over the quality. Everything is tested by women for best fit, feel, breathability and performance. FABB is committed to providing women high quality, slimming, and fashionable designs with sport-specific functionality. In addition to their dedication to quality, FABB designs every piece to flatter the woman’s body.

FABB founders explain, “You shouldn’t have to be in perfect shape to look good in workout clothes. Our slimming designs combined with our high quality performance fabrics offer women activewear that will give them that extra boost in their step when they walk out the door.”

Just as important as the clothes is the company's message, which is to encourage women to strive for constant improvement and to stay determined to reach their goals. The motivation behind the FABB’s infinity symbol in their logo is the perfect representation of this message. Learn more about the FABB ACTIVEWEAR infinity symbol!

Check out FABB Activewear’s Collection

“Like a good pair of jeans, you don’t need to look in the mirror twice,” Catherine Clishem, President and Co-founder of FABB. “Our clothes were designed specifically to help women look and feel their best. We source fabrics from around the world but we manufacture in the US to ensure the highest quality.”

FABB believes that their clothes help contribute to the bigger picture of providing women confidence by inspiring an active and healthy lifestyle, while looking good doing it!

Check out FABB Activewear’s Collection for women's yoga fitness wear, pilates workout clothes, women's running wear and women's tennis wear. 

FABB Activewear offers high quality, fashion-forward, and feminine workout wear that combines slimming designs with sport-specific functionality. Designed for active ladies on the go, the flattering fit transitions well between workout to daily lifestyle activities. Fashionable Activewear that’s Breathable and Beautiful. For more information visit and Like us on Facebook! 

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